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Welcome to the website, where all services are offered by the company L'Atelier da Vila, whose name / social function is to serve the public with retail sales, registered under CNPJ No. 46.821.034/0001-48, with address at Rua Alcides Barbeta, 260, Vila Rica neighborhood, Cunha, CEP No. 12530-000, Cunha City, State of São Paulo, represented by this web page.


The purpose of this platform is "e-commerce", that is, to make available the sale of products and online services available on our platform or application. This document was created by the company's legal department and modified with permission for this website.

2. Product Reservation

2.1 Our website does not work with any possibility to reserve any of the products offered on our platform.

2.2 The fact that the product is in the shopping cart is not considered a reservation and does not prevent other people from purchasing the product and they will be sold out.

3. Customer's obligations

3.1 The customer shall inform the data completely and correctly at the time of registration on our platform.

3.2 It is the responsibility of the customer any error in writing or erroneous transmission of data.

3.3 To make any purchase on our website or add products to the cart it is necessary to log in with the user and password that was provided at the time of registration.

3.4 Do not inform your login data to third parties under penalty of being held responsible for any conduct arising from this use.

3.5 Each customer may only register once, and more than one account per CPF will not be accepted.

3.6 Use the platform respecting the ethics, good customs, laws and regulations in force in the country, under penalty of being sanctioned.

3.7 Be of legal age (18 years of age) and have full capacity to register and make purchases on our platform.

3.7.1 If a minor or an individual without full capacity is to purchase any product or service offered on our platform, we will understand that those responsible have authorized it, and they will be responsible for any and all situations that may arise, as well as for the purchase.

3.8 Do not comment or send images in the evaluations that may go against the ethics and respect, or that has defamatory, offensive, hateful or prejudiced nature.

3.9 The first access login will be done through a link sent to your registered e-mail.

3.10 Do not provide any false information, fraudulent or that does not correspond to your data.

4. Obligations of the owner of the e-commerce

4.1 Inform ostensibly and truthfully about the characteristics and specifications of the product available for sale clearly and completely. ( Ex: Colors, height, material or width).

4.2 Ship the products within the established period.

4.3 Provide a secure platform.

4.4 Provide images, audios and informative videos about the products offered, and consistent with what will be delivered to the customer.

4.5 Issue the invoice for the product that will be shipped and send it to the customer along with the product.

4.6 Inform how the product should be handled, cleaned or washed, and any relevant information related to the product.

5. Disclaimer of Liability

5.1 We are not responsible for misuse or mishandling of the product, as well as any damage that may occur in the installation of any product purchased on our platform.

5.2 All products we sell are within the standards and conditions that come from the factory, the distributor or the company that resold the product.

5.3 We provide all pertinent information related to the product, as well as instructions for use and care in the boxes or instruction manual.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1 All design and layout are the property of our website, and were developed by a service provider that was hired for this purpose.

6.2 Any image, illustration, artwork, HTML, trade names, software or video made available on our platform by one of the page managers is our property.

6.2.1 The images and videos are merely illustrative, because depending on the monitor or screen of the electronic device, they may present color or tone variations.

6.3 The logo, the brand and the entire appearance of the web company/company are our property.

6.4 It is forbidden to copy without permission any image, video, design, audio, appearance or product descriptions existing on our web page, under penalty of sanctions who disobeys.

6.5 We are not responsible for external links that may appear on our site.

6.5.1 There are some areas that may present advertisements or disclosure of links, but we do not have any kind of relationship, so be very careful when browsing these pages and when providing your data, because browsing these pages is the responsibility of the user

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